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LEAP: Linux for Enterprise ARM Platforms

The LEAP Project is a Linux software distribution specifically intended to showcase and test the capabilities of emerging 64-bit Enterprise ARM Server platforms under a variety of workloads. It has as its foundation an ARMv8/AArch64 build of the CentOS 7.1 sources, with various patches, backports, and package up-versioning as appropriate, plus additional benchmarking packages to enable the effective evaluation and demonstration of AArch64 server systems.

The LEAP software environment is very similar to enterprise Linux systems on traditional x86_64 servers, simplifying the task of transitioning workloads to ARM64 servers for evaluation.

The paint is still wet!
If you discover any issues with the LEAP infrastructure, please report them on the users mailing list.

The LEAP wiki, download server, bugzilla system, and Koji buildsystem are all running on LEAP on ARM64 enterprise servers.

LEAP is a project of the Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT) at Seneca College. It is funded by NSERC and industry partners.